Search, book and save on your upcoming Berlin trip with Tripping. From the Berlin Wall to the Holocaust Museum, Berlin carries a rich history waiting for you to discover it.

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    About Berlin

    Berlin is the largest city and capitol of Germany which gives it great economic, cultural and historical value. Divided into six districts, Berlin has something unique to offer in every part. With a rich history, Berlin has many landmarks and sites that are famous throughout the world. Despite its old history, Berlin is a city of young people who populate the bars and clubs and are a huge part of the city politically and culturally. So grab a German handbook and prepare to explore the city — it’s going to take some planning to hit every site!

    Things to Do in Berlin

    Grab a German bratwurst with ketchup and curry powder and get ready to be amazed by how much Berlin has to offer. In former East Berlin, Mitte is a rising Berlin central district. Must-see sites include the Berlin Wall Memorial, Pergamon Museum on Museumsinsel, and Brandenburg Gate. For WWII buffs, both North and East Berlin are important as former Soviet bases. City West is the home of the Olympic Statium, Charlottenburg Palace, Tiergarten, and is best place for shopping. To access the club and bar scene, East Central is the best place to go. Whichever district you are going to or coming from, make sure to get a map of both the city and the public transportation system.

    Accommodations in Berlin

    Mitte and Berlin West are popular places to find an accommodation in Berlin. Berlin apartments are an excellent rental option to offset the tourist feel of many of the sites you will visit. As with most major cities with so much to see and do, it's best to figure out first where you want to go and then find an apartment that is central to all the great places you'd like to see.

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